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Longbikes Slipstream

The Slipstream: The Cadillac and Flagship of Longbikes is the ultimate Touring Bicycle without equal. It loves short jaunts around the neighborhood and quick and comfortable centuries but calls out for long journeys into new territory. If you want to travel in comfort and at ease, the Slipstream will take you there.

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Longbikes seat hip hinge Comfort: Standard "Hip Hinge" seat provides for independent adjustment of seat tilt and back recline. Seat bottom rotates on the seat mount for tilt adjustment. This allows you to set a posterior tilt to prevent you from sliding out without causing so much back recline that you strain your neck. The four incremental adjustment positions allow a seat to back angle of 95-115 degrees in 5 degree increments to fine tune the back position as well. A pair of adjustable struts provide support between the frame and the seat assy.

Longbikes seat rail clamp Quality: We don't like wimpy components. Our dovetail seat rail and mating mount are examples of our attitude toward proper design. No light duty parts which could slip and cause an accident. A lot more work on our parts, like the nice little corner radii on our machined parts, but the Longbikes philosophy dictates that extra effort!
Longbikes Slipstream Flexibility of Design: To the left is a picture of our newly-designed Bolt On Rear Triangle. This design allows the owner to remove the rear triangle for travel or shipping. It also gives us the ability to produce differently designed rear triangles in the future for different needs (Different size wheels or suspension). If you're worried that a Bolt On Rear Triangle might not be as sturdy, think about all the bikes out there with rear suspension. Same principle. This design works. The bolt on drop-outs offer the advantage of interchangeable rear wheel sizes or perhaps Rohloff hubs. You want to go faster, simply replace the standard 26" drop-outs with the 700c drop-outs shown in the options below and you have not changed the attitude of the bike, just the performance!
Longbikes Slipstream No shortcuts: Our Slipstreams come standard with front and rear disc brakes. To integrate them into our design, we ensured our rear triangle, front fork and dropouts are sized and built correctly. No shortcuts with off the shelf products forced to fit could even be considered for this bike. Disc brakes put a tremendous load into the fork blade, so the change to disc was not a simple bracket on a V-Brake fork, but a totally new fork with oversized blades. You wouldn't want to attempt a panic stop without this fork. We want our customers to be proud to confidently ride in style on our well engineered Slipstream!!
Longbikes Slipstream Longbikes Slipstream
Longbikes Slipstream Longbikes Slipstream