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Chuck and Sue Buehrer on their cowbike

Chuck and Sue Buehrer on their "Cow Bike." They had their Duplex painted in the classic white and black pattern seen on many a cow. The picture shown here was while they where on RAGBRAI.

Clay Bridgewater with his Slipstream


Here is a shot of me in front of the Tempe Town Lake with my Slipstream. You can see the ASU stadium in the background. I am 6'4" so I think this is a good shot of how long the bike actually is. I take it out at least every Sunday on a thirty mile ride to Tempe Town Lake and back … I rode many different types of bikes before buying this one, but none were "meant" for me like this bike. Thank you for making it!

Clay Bridgewater

Mike Stern


I was in southern California over the weekend and by chance went by People Movers. He had a Slipstream sitting out waiting to be picked up by a customer. It was not for riding or for sale so my time was spent inspecting the bike. I am not a long wheel base fan. I am not particularly in the market to add another bike to my menagerie. If I was it would have to be another short wheel base. Having said that, I must tell you how incredible I thought the finish of this bike was. From the great welds, to the unique drop outs to the fine detail with the cable routing and the rubber spacers, I thought I was looking at a work of art. The paint was flawless, the seat and its adjustability impressive, and the overall appearance was simple yet beautiful. I have seen a lot of recumbents. I haven't seen anything like this. I just wanted to tell you (I am sure you already know) what a nice product you produce. I have a friend who is considering a touring recumbent and I know he has been talking to Mike McDowell at Valley Bikes about setting up a visit. Tomorrow he gets a call from me with the suggestion he get there and check out this bike. If it rides as well as it looks, it will be an amazing machine.

Mike Stern
St. Louis, Missouri

Bill Meacham's faired Slipstream


Here I am starting off on a 230 mile ride from Phoenix to Tucson and back. It was cold and rainy when we started, but it quickly cleared and turned into a beautiful four day ride. My bike rode great the entire trip and carried me and my gear with ease. Thanks for making a great recumbent.

Bill Meacham
Mesa, Arizona

Larry and Lisa Pierce on their Gulfstream

Hi Guys,

We really like our Longbikes Duplex, ride every chance we get. Seen here having much fun during Bike Florida week, April 2004.

Thanks for a great Bike.

Larry and Lisa Pierce
Lantana, Florida

Dave on his Eliminator

Hi Greg,

Can't tell you how much I'm enjoying the Bronze Eliminator!! Having ridden it about 250 miles I'm finding the ride to be nicely responsive, very stable, and, perhaps most importantly, incredibly comfortable. At first I didn't think it climbed as well as my Burley, but then, I finally got the seat adjusted appropriately for me and I went up a killer hill yesterday with no problem. Hey, even church organists can be enthusiastic riders!


Ron and Boni Simshauser with Slipstreams


We're finally getting around to sending you some pics. The 1st pic is just of the 2 of us. The 2nd is a close up of Boni's Sunflower she wanted me to mount & of her front fender. We found an old plastic fender around here on the farm, so I painted it, made some attaching hardware & made it work. The 3rd is a close up of the bracket I made for our front Blinkie lights. We don't ride in the dark, but we do find ourselves coming home near sunset, so thought we should have a little safety from oncoming traffic. We have Mars tail lights on our bags in the rear. After making the brackets from some scrap aluminum (I'm a retired A/C mech. from Delta Airlines), I polished them up with Simichrome so they would not detract from the high quality of your bike.

Thanks again for all the help you have given us & we really do love the Slipstreams.

Ron and Boni Simshauser

Ron and Boni Simshauser sunflower Ron and Boni Simshauser front bracket