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A Bicycle Built For Six

Longbikes Hex Tandem
Longbikes Hex Tandem
Longbikes Hex Tandem

Once in a while, you get to create something special and that's how we feel about about our Quad/Hex Tandem built especially for a couple with four beautiful daughters. Before we built this bike for them, they were using a tandem pulling a tandem tag-along pulling a Burley trailer. They decided they wanted something better and gave us a call.

The finished bike is 16½ feet long when configured as a six seater. The bike is divided into three sections using S&S Couplers which enables it to be converted from a six seater to a four seater in just a few minutes.

When we delivered the bike, we provided three hours of training for the family to make sure everyone was comfortable.

We started by giving each of the parents and children a solo ride with Greg as Captain and then added one rider at a time until all seats where filled. Then Bruce (the father) went off on his own to learn how to Captain the bike. The biggest challenge was slow speed turning, but after a very short while he was quite good at it.

At last the family was ready. The six of them climbed on the bike and were off for a ride.

They rode around the block a few times and each time they came by the smiles on their faces where a little bit wider. When they finally stopped the unanimous decision was that they loved it!!! It is a special bike for a special family and we are proud to have built it.

Longbikes Hex Tandem