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The Detroit Gang

Detroit Gang

Hello Greg,

We've talked on the phone half a dozen times over the last five years or so, and I LOVE MY SLIPSTREAM! We have a group of four of us that all have yellow Longbikes -- Tim, Lisa (John is riding her bike in one of the photos), Dominic, and Walter (me). We all purchased our bikes from Andy at Prestige Cycle here in the north Detroit metro area.

Who we are in photos:

  • Tim Hudson (single bike with Mackinaw Bridge in background)
  • John Richter (far bicycler with hood in photo of three bikes on Mackinaw island)
  • Dominic Crea (Darker haired person in photos of two bikes)
  • Walter Krell (me)(Blond haired person in photos of two bikes etc.)

Thanks VERY MUCH Greg for making such high-quality and
enjoyable recumbents!!!!!


Walter Krell
High School Physics Teacher and Photographer

Detroit Gang
Detroit Gang
Detroit Gang
Detroit Gang