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Longbikes testimonials

Longbikes for me has been a wonderful addition to my bike stable and is the bike I ride most.

Dave M.
Littleton, CO

Hi Greg and Co.,

A year later and still no neck or shoulder pain. With the relief of arthritis pain, the Slipstream has me turning down roads I know nothing about just to see where they lead.

Charles S.
Amity, Arkansas

I really like my new Slipstream! The construction and machine work are exceptional and the ride quality is better that I was expecting even in a long wheelbase bike. The custom dropout for the Rohloff hub is working great. The ability to use the OEM style Rohloff hub makes for a much cleaner installation than using a torque arm.

This is certainly the highest quality bike I've owned and I’m very pleased with the purchase.

Bruce B.
Tehachapi, CA

Slipstream in Belgium

Still very happy with the Slipstream I bought from you in December 2004. I'm living now in Belgium, Europe.


Martin V

Slipstream in New Jersey:

Love the bike. Everyone loves the bike. Thanks again for the wonderful ride.



Just a quick thank-you for getting the steering rod out to me so quickly. Now THAT is what I call service. I crash my Slipstream and break a major piece on the bike ...and don't even have to miss a single day of working out.
Anyhow......Ragbrai XXXVI here I come. This will be #6 for me and #4, in a row, with the Slipstream…Yahoo.

Again - thanks for responding so quickly. I have grown into one of your biggest fans over the years that I've owned my Longbikes Slipstream!

Jeff R.

The yellow Slipstreams' maiden voyage occurred this past weekend. An "IMAX on wheels" is what she is. The sail mast mod is perfect Greg. You did an excellent job in taking my concept an incorporating it. Thanks again tell the Longbikes team.......good job.

Paul S. Cedar Rapids

This is my first recumbent purchase. I tried numerous bikes at Valley Bikes. The Slipstream was the last bike they showed me. I was hooked. I really did not expect to buy a LWB with USS. All the SWBs looked a lot cooler on their respective web sites than the LWBs. Surprise! The Slipstream is a great bike and I am enjoying my rides on it.

Paul L.
Terre Haute, IN

In '05 I rode my Longbikes Slipstream across the U.S., 4,915 miles, following the Adventure Cycling Trans-Am route. It's the best way to see America.

Bruce S.
Phoenix, NY

Can't tell you how much I'm enjoying the Bronze Eliminator!! Having ridden it about 250 miles I'm finding the ride to be nicely responsive, very stable, and, perhaps most importantly, incredibly comfortable. At first I didn't think it climbed as well as my Burley, but then, I finally got the seat adjusted appropriately for me and I went up a killer hill yesterday with no problem.

Geneseo, NY.

I received my new Eliminator G2 from Heartland Bike Shop in Topeka, Indiana a few weeks ago. This is one fantastic bike. I am quite impressed with how smooth and quiet it is.

The only problem that I now have is my wife wants to ride it. So, I am going to have to order another one from Heartland Bike shop.

Jeff K.