The Difference is Black and White!

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Why Longbikes?

Why should you buy a bicycle from Longbikes? That is always a difficult question to answer without breaking your arm patting yourself on the back. I think, and you can certainly research the internet to confirm, but there are a couple of real simple reasons:

  • Seat ClampQuality: you simply will not find a better made or nicer recumbent anywhere in the world.
  • Comfort: I consider this a touchy subject, but it is perhaps the most common reason that you started thinking recumbent. When you reach the point that it hurts to ride, but you don’t want to give up cycling, you might as well get real serious about comfort.

Seating and hand position are the two big issues. We can provide seat options which should take care of any need, but keep in mind that seats are personal and what one person loves, the next person may hate.

Hand position is a major issue for me. Our Under seat Steering offers the most ergonomically adjustable handle bar positioning of any bike made! No one else can match what we offer! Your hands and arms need to be in a neutral and relaxed position, no bending and twisting of the wrist, no stress points. After you become comfortable on the bike, you will likely just rest your hands on the bars and not hold on. How relaxing!


A secondary benefit of our USS is the view. How many years and thousands of miles did you spend staring at asphalt going by? With a Longbikes recumbent you can sit back and enjoy the comfort of an easy chair with an IMAX view!