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Longbikes recumbents and tandems

Longbikes Photo Gallery

Please send us a picture (or pictures) of your Longbikes or Ryan Recumbent along with a paragraph or two about your experiences so we can give credit to this long lineage of beautiful bicycles. Send pictures to: Info@LongBikes.com

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Mark Gregory at Vicksburg

Mark Gregory at Vicksburg

A. Collins

Mr. Collins with his Eliminator


Hopper, who is now about 2500 miles into his 2003 summer trip from LA to New England. He did about 3,500 miles without even a flat tire … twice!

Tandem times two

4 Times the Fun

Classic Duplex

Tandem Speed

Larry Black

Larry Black doing a Snow Test

Bill and Kathy Meacham

Bill and Kathy Meacham riding their Duplex on the Laveen Country Challenge. Feb. 2003. A beautiful day in Arizona. Thanks to a lot of riding and some other help, Bill is now a shadow of his former self! Congrats!!!

Here's a picture of a custom Duplex we built. It has 8 S&S Couplers and fits in two suitcases.